Why Use Taggstar?

People love looking at images, that's why.

We believe that if you see something you like in a photo (like a pair of killer heels, a beautiful beach or just a kitchen table), you should be able to click it, explore it, find out where to buy it, watch videos relating to it, rate it, tell your friends about it and generally interact with it.

But until now, online images have been flat, one-dimensional objects on a web page, usually surrounded by loads of clutter and hyperlinked clickable text.

Taggstar is changing all that.

Our technology is free to use and takes minutes to install, meaning you can very quickly be up and running, tagging away and giving your photos the new lease of life they deserve.

So, if you're are an online publisher wanting to engage your visitors better and monetise your content, then look no further. Taggstar is for you.

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